About SANCA - Who We Are? Our Vision & Mission

SANCA Lowveld Alcohol and Drug Help Centre is a Registered Non-Profit Organization whose major objectives are the prevention and treatment of Alcohol and Drug Dependence.

SANCA Lowveld is an outpatient centre and affiliated to the South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (SANCA) since 1972.

SANCA is a national umbrella organisation consisting of 32 Alcohol and Drug Help Centres, providing over 40 service points / satellite offices in all the nine provinces of South Africa. Each Alcohol and Drug Help Centre functions independently, but is affiliated to SANCA National.

During 2004 the centre was registered as a HIV Voluntary Counselling and Testing site.

To be the most effective organisation in the prevention and treatment of alcoholism and drug dependence.

3.1 To address alcoholism and drug dependence through the provision of:

  • specialised
  • accessible
  • affordable
  • developmental,
  • prevention and treatment services

to all people in South Africa, thereby enhancing

  • the quality of life
  • restoring the self-respect and dignity of persons affected by alcoholism and drug dependence.

3.2 To provide training and assist with capacity building through making available its specialised knowledge and services to all interested parties, regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

3.3 To establish and support emerging organisations that render services.

Goals of SANCA (The Organisation)

  • To heighten public awareness on alcoholism, alcohol, other drugs, and related problems;
  • To enlighten the public and private sector regarding prevention, treatment and research;
  • To prevent and reduce chemical substance dependence and related problems amongst all communities, especially concentrating on high risk groups such as children, women and disadvantage communities;
  • To provide treatment for alcohol and other drugs dependents and their families;
  • To advocate the restriction of availability of, and reduction in the demand for potentially harmful chemical dependency forming substances thereby lowering levels of drug related problems like HIV;
  • To offer specialised training and education programmes and resources relating to prevention and treatment of substance abuse;
  • To undertake and encourage research in the field of alcohol and other drugs;
  • To mobilize and utilize community resources in the development of community services to address substance abuse and related problems;
  • To make available specialised and appropriate knowledge and resources hereby empowering communities in their effort to address their own needs.

Do You Know Someone Who Needs Help?

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Area's, Sectors & Staff

Mpumalanga – Ehlanzeni Region that includes: Mbombela, Umjindini and Bushbuckridge.

SANCA Lowveld provide services to all sectors of the community regardless of race, religion or social standing. Our prevention program focuses on the children and youth from pre-school up to high school level and the broader community.


  • The staff consist out of: director, bookkeeper/administrator, receptionist, supervisor, nurse, volunteer doctor, 7 social workers, 2 auxiliary workers, community developer, cleaner and gardener.
  • The staff works closely together with local hospitals for referrals for detoxification and refers to doctors, psychologists and psychiatrist in the government and private sector.


SANCA Lowveld is a well-established organization with sound ethics and principles. Servicing the workplaces and community to the benefit of all members especially those in need, forms the basis of the services. With professionally trained staff and committed management, SANCA: Lowveld will be able to render the service needed.